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Lulu and Murjan

Welcome to Lulu and Murjan

About our Company

Lulu and Murjan is a Kuwaiti company that has been working since 1980 's in various fields mainly contracting, Importing of food stuff like fresh fish, Rice and Real Estate. Lulu and Murjan Invested owns major stakes in the local food Industry and is considered highly renowned and reputed for its quality products and commitments. Lulu and Murjan knows the taste of people living in Kuwait while import good Quality of Rice keeping in view the standards of hygienic food. Lulu and Murjan saw the evolutionary inception of quality Basmati Rice imports inside Kuwait and other parts of the world AS Exclusive agent of Middle East Foods Industries, Pakistan throughout the world Lulu and Murjan selected the best area of Pakistan in Rice cultivation for its import keeping in view the demand of Kuwait market. Lulu and Murjan processing unit is situated in Central Punjab, Pakistan with the state of the art technology and Machinery used to process cargoes from initial stages of procurement till the final stages of packing and loading.

 Rice delivered by Lulu and Murjan is top quality, well cleaned textured graded and inspected by our highly experienced Quality assurance unit to make sure that Quality is not compromised at any stage of the process. Lulu and Murgan is proudly supported by its world wide customer base power of experience it holds, with a promise to deliver only premium quality products.